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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is your band based?
A: We are based out of the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Q: How does your band dress?
A: We strive for a professional appearance to make your event one to remember and as such, we dress for the occasion -- and the weather, if it is an outdoor event. For less formal gigs, we typically wear tan khaki pants and white polo or luau shirts. For corporate, charitable, or fundraising events, we wear tan khaki pants and white collared shirts with navy blue blazers - with tie, as appropriate. For formal affairs, we wear tuxedos.

Q: How loud is your band?
A: Our band is an acoustic ensemble. The bass and keyboard players use small amplifiers and we use a PA system for the vocalist and soloists. For larger venues we do use full band amplification.

Q: Live Bands cost more than a DJ. Why would I want a live band instead of pre-recorded music?
A: Music is not a passive thing. Music is exciting and touches people in many different ways. When you dance to a live band, you and the musicians are not isolated from each other. There is an interaction between the musicians and the audience that is undeniable. Just as it takes two people to tango or two people to fall in love, it takes both a live band and an audience to work the magic that is music. Your event is special and a live band will make it perfect with music, style, and swing.

Q: How much space does your band require?
A: The Full Big Band: At minimum, 20 deep x 24 wide. The Little Big Band (Combo): 12 deep x 16 wide, or, 8 deep x 24 wide. The Small Ensemble or Trio: 6 deep x 10 wide or less, according to instrumentation.

Q: What types of affairs do you play for?
A: Anniversaries, Awards Nights, Banquets, Birthdays, Celebrations, Christmas Parties, Community Events, Conventions, Corporate Functions, Country Clubs, Dinner Dances, Festivals, Fundraisers, Graduation Parties, Grand Openings, Grocery Stores, Holiday Events, Hotels, Ice Cream Socials, Luncheons, New Year's Eves/First Nights, Picnics, Private Parties, Restaurants, Reunions, Studio Sessions, Wine Tastings and more!

Q: How much do you charge?
A: Costs for all of our bands depend on several factors, including: location, number of performers requested, time of the season, indoor or outdoor performance, overall availability, and amount of time requested.

Q: Does your band always have the same musicians?
A: Different gigs call for different skills, so we choose the best players available for each gig. We enjoy long-term relationships with the best musicians in the area, many going back fifteen years or more.

Q: Where can I hear the band perform?
A: Many of our gigs are private functions. When we have a public performance, you are more than welcome to come hear and see our band. If that is not possible, we ask you instead to consider our music samples on this website and our reputation built on more than 15 years of client satisfaction.

Q: Do you use sequencing?
A: No. We believe that real music played in real time has an energy that's impossible to get with recorded backgrounds, so that's the only way we do it.

Q: When do you take breaks?
A: We generally take a fifteen-minute break after the first hour and another break each hour thereafter, but we're not slaves to the clock. When we do take a break, we play appropriate music on iPod, either as background or at full volume for more dancing.

Q: What about food and drink?
A: When a quick bite and beverage can be arranged it pays a dividend in the energy of the music.

Q: Should I choose a band or a DJ?
A: A DJ is best for hip-hop, and much less expensive than a sequenced band. On the other hand, good live music is truly exciting, and a welcome break for people who have heard one DJ too many. Normally we play iPod mixes for band breaks at no charge.

Q: How can I book the band?
Two easy ways to contact the Nitehawks Swing Band:

By Email: Steve Firestone

By Telephone: Steve Firestone at (703) 585-2055

With our extensive experience, you can be confident that your most important event will be in great hands. So give us a call and Let's Get the Party Started!